Kimer Storage Solutions do not sell used pallet racking. In fact second hand pallet racking can be very dangerous and more costly to your business than buying new racking.

We have an impressive collection of accreditations. SGS is one of these, who consider everything relevant to the storage equipment industry. Our warehouse racking systems are the best in the industry, and meet very stringent safety standards.

Things to consider before buying used warehouse racking:

Damages Beams
Second hand pallet racking can hide a lot of defects. All racking beams will deflect slightly over time, but when you purchase second hand racking, you do not know what the beams were subjected to or how they have been stored.

Defective welding
When buying used racking you may find that beams have been poorly welded when damaged. A lick of new paint can cover up rust and cracks in pallet racking beams and frames. This can cause the whole racking bay to collapse, endangering employees and damaging stock. Our pallet beams are manufactured using cold formed rolled steel, which will have been robotically welded under very stringent QC controls.

Loading weights
When you buy used racking, how do you know if it is up to the job you need it to do? Often old racking loads cannot be accurately relied upon and this can have catastrophic results. Kimer Storage Solutions provide a site survey so you can rest assured your racking is fit for purpose.

No warranty
Second hand pallet racking does not come with any warranty. If it gets damaged or fails, you will have to spend more money on costly repairs. Always buy new warehouse racking to avoid this trap.

No after sales service
when you buy used racking you will find it very difficult to get spare parts. Even if you do find some, they may not be genuine parts. Kimer storage solutions offer a maintenance service, so in the event your warehouse racking system becomes damaged, you have our assurance that we are able to correct the problem quickly. This gives you peace of mind of genuine replacement parts being used and keeps your business running.

Get expert advice
Kimer Storage Solutions have years of experience supplying quality warehouse racking. We are specialists in the installation of Pallet Racking, Cantilever Racking, Coil Racking and Longspan Racking. Our Racking Systems are used throughout the UK by many different sized companies and industries.

Our in house technical department is equipped with the latest 3D CAD technology and staffed by qualified draftsmen, structural engineers and contract managers. We are here to advise you on all aspects of warehouse racking, so you can get on with running your business. So always buy new warehouse racking, which will allow you to rest assured, that your warehouse meets all safety regulations.

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